V and Co Tutorial

Wrapped twice as a bracelet...

Once as a necklace...
Another pinterest find, this one took me a minute (or 20) to wrap my head around, but the concept is truly simple.  All you need is 1" strips of jersey (or another light fabric with stretch) and scissors - I already had a large piece of fabric so this project cost me 0 dollars. Woot!

I could see lots of different ways to use this skill (which some might call finger knitting/crocheting??) For example, I see long chains of jersey for a scarf/necklace hybrid, or embellishing the chain with a pendant...  It's a bit chunky for a necklace, so I think you really have to push it all the way into statement piece.  I don't think it would work as a headband, but right now I have it wrapped up in my messy bun, I just could not get a good picture of it... The bracelets are super cute, there's a more elaborate method I will be trying since I've wrapped my head around this process.  

Bonus - as with other hand crafts, this project takes the guilt out of mindless television! 

 You may have done this at camp, or understand this concept already, but the instructional video certainly helped me, you can find it here.