MADE - "Sailor's Knot Bracelet

Pinterest could very well (does) suck hours from my life...

Here's why:  so many pretty things to look at, so much good food to make, so many DIY craft projects - SO MANY TATTOOS!  And those are just the regular things I look at - I haven't even begun to really explore.

I am trying to bring the beauty of pinterest into my real life, so I have a digital board called MADE and it's for projects and food that I saw on pinterest and followed through with (I like a little bit of visual confirmation along with my irony). 

The MADE board has 8 different items so far.  Seitan has been very successful, as were the Mexican stuffed shells.

To my surprise cooking has become my favorite part of the life of a working artist (probably because it's actually a stress reliever now).  I always said I would do more if I just had more time... Tonight we attended a vegetarian pot luck, and while I didn't make anything fancy, I did make my Pap's mashed potatoes for the third time in as many weeks - and brought home an empty bowl!


The cooking is going well, but I had my first bomb in the DIY department tonight.

 I've seen tutorials for small scale screen printing before, and I have the hoops and 'mesh' as well as ink, oh and I was a professional screen printer in a past life - but this did not work for me.

Now, my contact paper was purchased for  50 cents at a garage sale, and my mesh was a polyester scarf - so I'm not giving up on this one's potential, I just may have to revise my materials.