Type Hard

I'm pretty sure that, at least as it's portrayed in the film, pirate radio a la “Pump Up the Volume” is to the early 90’s what blogging is to today. Blogs are for expressing your opinions, sharing music, and especially, entertaining your friends – Just like, “Happy-Harry-Hard-On.” He’s [Christian Slater as Mark Hunter] saying whatever he wants, unsure if anyone's listening, except his "3 fans", but actually builds a fanatic following of repressed and angry teens. I don’t know if any teens actually had pirate radio stations at any point in time - including Arizona circa 1990 – however, nearly everyone I know has an internet presence. Basically it's really easy to put yourself out there these days, and you don't run the risk of an FCC car chase. Bonus.

Talk Hard

I get nostalgic over the land lines in any 80’s or 90’s films – I had a mock payphone in my room for all of middle school (which just so happens to be for sale a Urban Outfitters today) it’s why the Hamburger phone from Juno was such a surprise hit. They were fun and clunky and also tied you down. Look at the teens in “Pump Up the Volume” sitting on their beds holding out their phones to their friends on the other end of the line – the whole length of the show, listening to the radio but on the phone. You can also tell a bit about the kids by how they listen – the “bad kids” park on the football field, no apparent adult influence preventing them from listening to the show loudly on car speakers. The “good kids” who turn down the volume when parents enter their bedroom. The exception is Nora – the love interest, in her bedroom taking notes and writing them.

Look Hard
You’ll spot a long-haired, “Airborne” era Seth Green. Pause the shot of labels on those stacks of cassettes, “Ice-T” “Henry Rollins” - “Bad Brains” – just to name a few. Listen Hard to Leonard Cohen and the UK Surf version of “Wave of Mutilation.” Yes, it’s the early 90’s – and yes it’s pretty cheesy. But I am happy to give in to nostalgia to enjoy it now, 20 years later if you can believe it. And just disregard everything you know about the Christian Slater of now and enjoy bad-ass teenage Christian Slater.

Talk Fashion
I won’t deny how much of an influence 80’s/very early 90’s costume design has had on me, I can’t -- I’m wearing bracelets half-way up my arm this very moment.

Man, I love the cool (i.e. bad) kids in “Pump Up the Volume.” From Nora’s dyed black hair, tights and enormous sweaters to the layers of thrift store finds on Nora’s best friend, not to mention the scores of ripped jeans and of course, pearls…

Teen-angst, Ellen Greene, a sexy love story, great songs, and a chase scene with the dad from Teen Wolf. Sounds pretty good to me.


One year ago today I started this blog while watching the 4th Die Hard movie and sketching out the first Keeper Shelf paintings on masonite...

130 posts and I'm pretty happy with that. A few new authors to watch - and new paintings if you can believe it! Some good changes and some progress.

"along for the ride" - Sarah Dessen - 2009


The Corset Diaries - Katie MacAlister - 2007

Well, I read this and got through it pretty quick, which is better than most things for me these days. It wasn't terrible, it wasn't great, by any means - and probably the more I think about it, the less I'll like it. Despite all that, I did buy a "traditional" regency by the same author purely out of curiosity and some good reviews on the inside cover. Fingers crossed that I didn't waste $5... because the next day I read an AAR review in which "The Corset Diaries" ended up with a big fat "F"! It must be only the second time I can remember reading and finishing such a book - I usually try to avoid them at all costs, but this one slipped past, and honestly, for me, "C-" or so...