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Mrs. Dalloway - Virginia Woolf - 1925

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Thanks, Emmy.

Resolutions, Cut & Paste AND Create

2 in 1 - an extension of the color folder, I'm working on a chipboard book (that's the previously unused supply) of black and white images with some pops of color.

Electric Charter Oak


Charter Oak

Paper Ephermera Collection Scans

So Excited for Friday!

Not only is there a kick ass show at 709 - there's also a crazy auction out in Davidsville.  If they don't allow cameras I will cry real tears...

Resolutions, Learn

Trying to get better at a few new tricks...

So pumped, got this one consistantly last night - but only while wearing jeans - or no pants at all!  Ha, guess I'm wearing jeans all summer!  Knees up to Waist

This one takes up more space than I usually
have to practice in, but I was doing pretty well in L-Cat's backyard.  The Helicopter

"Some Girls Do" - Leanne Banks - 2003

“Some Girls Do” is not a terrible book, it just wasn’t great. I have to agree with the All About Romance reviewer, Sandy Coleman – it’s too “old-fashioned” in theme. It nearly felt like the LaVyrle Spencer contemporaries I’ve read (and disliked) that were written in the 80’s, not a good era for romance in my opinion.  Also, Banks hit on one of my pet peeves - the repetitive use of the same word. For example, Connie Brockway is a favorite author of mine, but she uses the word insouciance a lot, and it kills me.  Leanne Banks, uses the term “French Kiss” too much, because once is too much.
   What reader needs to be told when a kiss is a “French Kiss?”  In addition to the writing irking me, I didn’t really care for the hero, he felt too much like a cardboard cutout of a tough guy who cares. The heroine was nice enough but acted very stupid sometimes especially during some intimate CONDOMLESS times.  See what I mean about dated, Oh, they were just overwhelmed, oh, I hope I’m not pregnant, after all I’ve only known you a week…blah, blah, and so on.
    On the plus side, “Some Girls Do” does have a nice secondary romance, which was actually more fun to read than the leads.  This is the first novel in a "Sisters Trilogy" (the heroine's two long-separated younger siblings) but I can't see myself hunting down the other two...

Resolutions, Do...

...something out of my comfort zone.

I walked into a gallery opening alone.  

Last Saturday evening Satori Gallery celebrated a two-year anniversary with a group show on the theme of "Satori."  One meaning of the word (according to the wikipedia entry I read) is "Awakening."  I don't have an image, but my piece started as a 4x6 Black & White photo of foggy pines taken at the Que at 5 am, blown up into a 11x14 xerox to which I added fine line ink drawings, emphasising the image and the faults of the copy. Turned out pretty well, despite some last minute panic. 

Target Audience Anyone?

I've haven't read "Frostbite" or anything by Richelle Mead, but I couldn't help noticing a cetain similarity...