"Some Girls Do" - Leanne Banks - 2003

“Some Girls Do” is not a terrible book, it just wasn’t great. I have to agree with the All About Romance reviewer, Sandy Coleman – it’s too “old-fashioned” in theme. It nearly felt like the LaVyrle Spencer contemporaries I’ve read (and disliked) that were written in the 80’s, not a good era for romance in my opinion.  Also, Banks hit on one of my pet peeves - the repetitive use of the same word. For example, Connie Brockway is a favorite author of mine, but she uses the word insouciance a lot, and it kills me.  Leanne Banks, uses the term “French Kiss” too much, because once is too much.
   What reader needs to be told when a kiss is a “French Kiss?”  In addition to the writing irking me, I didn’t really care for the hero, he felt too much like a cardboard cutout of a tough guy who cares. The heroine was nice enough but acted very stupid sometimes especially during some intimate CONDOMLESS times.  See what I mean about dated, Oh, they were just overwhelmed, oh, I hope I’m not pregnant, after all I’ve only known you a week…blah, blah, and so on.
    On the plus side, “Some Girls Do” does have a nice secondary romance, which was actually more fun to read than the leads.  This is the first novel in a "Sisters Trilogy" (the heroine's two long-separated younger siblings) but I can't see myself hunting down the other two...