"Loving the Right Brother" - Marie Ferrarella - 2009

Read this one last week, but it kind of got lost in the shuffle. I don't typically buy series romance new, and certainly not one written by an unknown (to me) author, however, the title sucked me right in. Then I read the back cover blurb and I was a done. Two of my favorite plots!!! Falling for the wrong brother - and when one character has been in love for years without the other character knowing.

"The Awakening" - Kelley Armstrong - 2009

Well, I finally got the second book, and yeah, read in it one sitting. It doesn't end quite as abruptly as the first one so, I guess I can wait til - MAY 2010! - for the conclusion to the trilogy. I'm loving the tension between two main characters, which will ultimately go nowhere, due to supernatural factors. As soon as I finished the Awakening I immediately wanted to watch Buffy, which means that Armstrong penned a kick ass young adult novel, as it channeled everything I loved as a teen - and let's be honest, still do.

How great are these covers? Stylish and attention to detail - just great.

"Take a Chance on Me" - Susan Donovan - 2003

Disco, murder, a 4-legged witness, and a surprising amount of fun!

The Summoning - Kelley Armstrong - 2008

First of the series, and my dumbass didn't look for the second one at the same time. It's like the Season One Finale of "The West Wing", you'll want the Second Season, pretty much immediately. Well, trip to the library today, I guess.

Buying new books for the first time in ages...

To Beguile a Beast - Elizabeth Hoyt - 2009

This book was well written and interesting, not really a keeper - but I am curious about the rest of the series. I love that the cover tells you it's Book 3, also, that I wasn't overwhelmed with information about how gloriously happy the previous two couples are. Just the right amount to know the books are connected, but you never feel lost. "To Beguile a Beast" is a classic "Beauty and the Beast" story, but features real flawed characters, giving it more depth and emotional power, plus the children in the book are not adorable imps added to fill space, they are an essential part of this tale.

Some Shots from the Show

Thanks to Lori for sending me some pics she took.
Really, really need that digital camera!

Strange Dream

I had a dream about teeth this morning, which always sucks and freaks me out. In this one I kept losing my front bottom ones while I was waiting for the dentist, who just happened to be John Spencer, that is Chief-of-Staff and near VP Leo McGarry from TV's "The West Wing." RIP, sir.

Titles for Paintings - Pretty Excited

"With a groan he sank with her to the grass."
p. 297 - England's Perfect Hero - Suzanne Enoch - 2004
(models - Matt & Me)

"One of them needed to speak the truth."
p. 371 - Match Me if You Can - Susan Elizabeth Phillips - 2005
(models - Emmy & Ben)

"My legs start shaking, my eyes sting, my heart races."
p. 372 - Just One of the Guys - Kristin Higgins - 2008
(models - Laura & Jacob)

"...his shoulder propped negligently against the door frame."
p. 152 - Almost Heaven - Judith McNaught - 1991
(models - Ryan & Cecilia)

"I saw the way you looked at each other."
p. 45 - Bet Me - Jennifer Crusie - 2004
(models - Devon & Brandon)

Pink Progress

Some Progress Documented by Camera Phone


So, the paintings for the show at Dave's are done. Finally, and at the last possible minute. 5 finished paintings in a month is crazy for me, especially since college, but even then, I wasn't this fast. I'm excited for Friday, but I'm more excited to keep painting...