Saying Goodbye...

As you may know, 15 months ago, I started in a profession I love.  Tattooing is amazing, and I feel I'm doing what I was meant to do.  However, it takes up most of my time.  I have less time to read, and even less time to write about the novels I do make it through.  I still love the Romance genre, but I find myself less and less inclined to search out new authors or highly reviewed books.  

I am proud that I kept up with this blog for the length of time I did, but now I know I need to focus on art and tattooing.  Thanks for looking and reading!  If you like to look at pretty things, art 
and tattoos, I can still be found on Facebook and Pinterest and occasionally Polyvore.

All the best, Laci Hess 

I forgot this series had magic in doesn't really need it - except that there's a ghost in the next one, so I guess it does.

"Love Letters from a Duke" - Elizabeth Boyle - 2007

A really fun read, great H/H - fun story - bit too many characters popping up from past books.

Kristan Higgins - "Somebody to Love" - 2012

Kristan Higgins is hit or miss for me, I hated "Catch of the Day" and loved "The Next Best Thing" - "Somebody to Love" includes guest appearances by characters in each.  It's a sequel of sorts, and I was really enjoyed it, even if it lost some steam towards the end.

I wish the copy I read looked like this one!

                           I read and books and made art in August and Sept 2012 - I did, I swear it!