"Attachments" - Rainbow Rowell - 2011

 "Attachments" by Rainbow Rowell
(Can't believe I found a picture with Billy Elliot on the marquee!)

I just read it again, it's still great.

This time I skipped all the bits about the ex-girlfriend, but read the ending several times over.  In fact, I just purchased a handy dandy book light for a steal - 99 cents at Goodwill - and the batteries died just before the theater scene.  But damn if I was giving up before the end (sure I could have read in another room, but without blankets or a comfy chair, even - please!)  I found 2 AA batteries after searching 2 rooms and fumbling with remote controls in the dark...and sigh, full on heart string tugging.    

Oh, and did I mention the protagonist's name is Lincoln - and this book is set in Omaha, Nebraska?  I read it after Lincoln Nebraska came to live with us, but really, could there be a more perfect favorite book for 2011?