"delirium" - Lauren Oliver - 2011

Book One of a Trilogy. Another YA Dystopia, this time the US has closed its' borders from the world and closed its' cities from the forests.  Oh, and love is a disease.  People have a 'procedure' when they turn 18 (think controlled brain damage...) to save themselves from the hurt and pains of love.  It also turns them into walking, talking cogs in a big propaganda machine.

When we meet the heroine, Lena, we learn her mother had the procedure done 3 times, at least once without anesthesia, and killed herself before they could attempt it again.  She has felt the stigma of suicide her entire life, both at home (raised by an Aunt and Uncle) and at school.  Schools are segregated by gender, she only has one very close friend, Hana, who is also her running partner. 

The novel begins with Lena and Hana preparing for their evaluations, which will determine their future spouses and the entire course of their lives.  Lena's evaluation is interrupted by a protest from 'Invalids' from the Wilds...opening her eyes to the world beyond her controlled sphere of Portland.  As 'delirium' (slowly) progresses Lena's world is cracked wide open - by love and freedom - and inner strength.  "Pandemonium" promises to be a faster ride, one I look forward to taking...