"London's Perfect Scoundrel" - Suzanne Enoch - 2003

I love when the google image search turns up with the stepback - I also love these covers, which lead you to believe every ball has shirtless men accosting women on the balcony!  For a while in the early 'aughts Julia Queen and Suzanne Enoch were my favorite historical romance authors, in fact I would read pretty much anything their publishing house Avon (also home to Lisa Kleypas) put out.  As I discovered online reviews my interests branched out to include many other publishers, but the Avon styling will still pop out to me to this day.  "London's Perfect Scoundrel" is one of two Enoch books that survived three moves to maintain a spot on my Keeper Shelf - but since I'm in purging mode in all other rooms, I figured it's only fair to evaluate the 'Keepers' again, by re-reading of course!

Enoch (and Quinn) definitely fall in to the 'wallpaper historical' genre, which works for me for a light and entertaining read and usually a quick one at that.  While not a perfect plot or story, I have to say I love Saint (the Scoundrel of the title)  - he makes this a keeper still.  I love how his rake's reformation progresses almost against his will, and it's almost too late when he realizes he actually wants to marry Evelyn, not just bed her.  As for the 'bedding' in at least two, but possibly all three of Enoch's "Lessons in Love" trilogy (it's been a long time since I read "The Rake - not a keeper) the H/H make love/lose virginity in a somewhat uncomfortable space and then have a quickie in a public place.  The pattern annoys me, because it feels like Evelyn and Saint never get to properly honor their love for each other.  Books with 8 million love scenes in a row are also annoying, but I could have done with one more for these two.

Verdict - it can stay for now.