"England's Perfect Hero" - Suzanne Enoch - 2004

Well, this stepback actually makes sense - these two do it in a garden - so yay, for realism!

Book Three of Enoch's "Lessons in Love" and my favorite (actually, one of my Top 10 Romances) but strangely it didn't do anything for me this time around.  I still love Robert (suck,suck,sucker for a tortured hero) but Lucinda seemed even more shallow and led by family then Evie (from Book Two) did!  Or, maybe it was just my mood, or I shouldn't have read two Enoch's in a row, or I've grown and changed since 2004...Oh, and the anachronisms really stood out and bothered me... 
Really, Lucinda you want to 'have sex' with Robert again?  Even in her head, she should be using euphemisms, this is a REGENCY MISS!

Verdict - I'll keep it for nostalgia, and in case it was just my mood.