"Call Me Irresistible" - Susan Elizabeth Phillips - 2011


 "Call Me Spoiled" (Heroine)
"Call Me an Emotional Robot" (Hero)
"Call Me Out of Touch" (Author)
"Call Me Never Interested Golf, Ever" 
"Call Me Insulting to the Working Class"
"Call Me Chock Full of Insipid Characters I Chose Not To Read About Before"

The heroine learns life lessons while working for minimum wage and tips (how hard for her).  The hero is a multi-millionaire boy genius who cannot show emotions (how hard for him).  There are approx. 8 million cameos.  Golf is boring.  They don't really like each other.  Golf is really boring.  Despite being a romance novel, the hero and heroine don't really like each other.

I understand the value of fantasy and escapism in romance, but you can find that without rich and/or famous characters.  Contemporary millionaire heroes just upset me, however I have a higher tolerance for the rich in historical romance.  If I'm reading about a duke, marquess, earl or even a baron - I'll buy that he's rich, it's 1814, being rich means he's also bathed recently - but if I'm reading about two 30 something's in a small Texas town in 2011, they don't have to be rich, just interesting and likable.