"Sweet Valley Confidential" - Francine Pascal - 2011

Thank you, Cara.  

And Thank you, Back Cover, for finally teachin me what a MFin' lavaliere is!

I never would have made it through the audiobook, and it didn't have the sweet inside cover featuring  Jessica and Elizabeth's classic Book One cover art.

I spent a hot Memorial Day, lazing about on the couch, surrounded by a haze of nostalgia and cheese!

Terrible book.

Also, I don't remember nearly as much about this fictional world as I thought I would.  I bet the summaries in the ridiculous (on purpose?) epilogue would be funnier if I did though...

Also, no mention of much from SVU (no, not Special Victim's Unit - Sweet Valley University, also, there was definitely some date raping, kidnapping, etc) and no William White (a favorite sociopath).

Also, Bruce Patman is the nice one?  And I bought it?  (I'm such a sucker!)