"The Reckoning" - Kelley Armstrong - 2010

Book 3 of the "Darkest Powers" Trilogy

Armstrong or her publishers took a full year between "The Awakening" and "The Reckoning, but that final book has been out quite a while (since April '10)."  I, of course blanked on Book 3 until about 2 weeks ago...

However, I got that hell yeah! feeling you get when you've forgotten something cool exists and but is now available to you.  I didn't remember some details from the first two books, but it didn't really matter, I was swept up anyway by the romance.  

I've never read or seen a werewolf love story this freaking sweet.  On Buffy, Willow had to lock up Oz in the library cage 3 nights a month, except that time he broke out to have a werewolf affair... Not so with Derek - he's still himself in wolf form.  The result of his Change? Inter-species flirting that's not at all creepy, it's fucking adorable.  

It sure seems like there could be more books and adventures for Chloe.  I would certainly read more about these Darkest Powers kids, but even if there aren't anymore novels, I'm perfectly happy with the 'ending' of the trilogy.