"Christmas Eve at Friday Harbor" - Lisa Kleypas - 2010

Last year I complained about Kleypas' "A Wallflower Christmas" which was short, forgettable and way overpriced.  Since I didn't buy it the library did, I can't bitch too much.  This holiday season, when I found a copy of this year's holiday hardcover  at the library, I knew what to expect and have no complaints.  

I knew this was a quick read, a novella that could easily fit in a holiday anthology with other authors.  I didn't mind, I really wanted to just burn through it in one sitting.  I also knew "Christmas Eve..." is just an introduction to the Friday Harbor Series, as much about the place and future characters as the love story inside.  I had reasonable expectations and enjoyed the simple story for what it was, and I look forward to reading the rest as they are published.