Resolutions, Cut and Paste

I admit, I have a problem.  I love glossy fashion magazines,  I get most of them very cheap at the library, but I should admit I am prone to an impulse buy at the checkout.  The growing problem can be found in the piles to be read and the piles to be taken for recycling that are taking over my house!  The plan is to contain pages will be neatly contained in corresponding folders.  I've been keeping 3-ring binders since my Metals class in college (the only skill I took away from it, I sucked big time...)  In an effort to control the piles of paper, I resolved to create a minimum of 5 pages per month.  February is done - Yay!  I focused on my color binder, and exceeded the 5 pages.  The images are from my camera phone, so the quality isn't great, but you get the point.  I remember reading artist Miriam Shapiro talk about the importance of play when creating art.  That's what the binders are for me.  They're usually collages from fashion magazines, and they aren't meant as anything but an artistic warm-up and inspiration.