In honor of the Winter Olympic Games (and the final season of Lost):

“The Cutting Edge” (1992) remains my favorite film featuring the Olympics, figure skating, hockey, or D.B Sweeney.  Some people I know would argue in favor of “Fire in the Sky, but I will never watch it - alien abduction and giant needles - no way, man! 18 years later (holy shit - the actors are looking especially young during this viewing!) and still one of my all time favorite romantic comedies.   It features a pitch perfect “Opposites Attract” storyline, done a lot better than most romance novels, I might add.  With a novel the chemistry has to leap off the page – if the author isn’t selling, the reader certainly isn’t buying.  Too often I feel that the H/H don’t actually like each other; no matter how much hot sex they have.  Kate and Doug fight their attraction by fighting with each other.   Now for a favorite scene I didn't completely understand as a 10-year-old:

"You're falling for him."
"Yes. (rolling eyes)"
"You are, you're falling for him."
"...that's crazy."
"You think so?"
"You're nuts!"
"Am I?"
"Well, you see how we act together..."
"Yes, I do."
"...we never get along, I mean we're always fighting."
They fight, they skate, she breaks his nose, he declares his love, they skate, they kiss, they (presumably ) win Olympic Gold .