Getting Organized

Not for the faint of heart...  
The Positive (what's already done):

1)Fabrics wrapped on boards and sorted by color.
2)Smaller pieces in trays by color
3)Bookshelf sorted
4)Magazines contained - sorting system in place
5)Closet repurposed 
6)Shelving unit in place - Scrapbook paper easily reached and sorted by color.  Glue/Glitter/Stickers have homes. 
7)Made a ribbon rack.  
8)Home for stamps, punches, and mail.
9)Place for library books
10)Crossed quite a few Items off my project list!

The plan:

1) To hang as many tools as possible on the walls.  This will promote creativity with easy accesss and increase valuable floor space.

2) To create separate spaces for sewing/painting/crafting.  Essentially clean/dirty spaces kept apart to avoid oil paints on fabrics, etc.  This is actually a mental separation as well.  It's almost as if I couldn't possibly sew if the paints are out - will be working on that.

3) To use all the plastic storage containers I've accumulated, because they are brightly colored and too cheap to pass up.  Labels are key.

4) Right now I have a "limbo box" of possible projects, ideas that  haven't been executed yet, etc. Trying to make room for a "limbo shelf" - because I'm more likely to use it if I can see it.  

5) Conquering my obsession with paper...or maybe just beating it into submission. 

6) Come spring - I'm painting those ugly walls!

Above - The messy pile of fabric and a sad machine still in the bedroom...However, I made a good bit of progress Sunday evening - hung up a sweet lamp, made two rock lights, and worked hard to remove non-essential items (photo albums, writing notebooks)from studio. Below, the before picture of the "In Limbo" section.  Today that box is mostly empty - I found a home for photo cds in an old napkin holder and a basket for transistional studio items, and by that I mean snacks! Ha!  

A place for everything and everthing in its' place.  A girl can dream.