"Forbidden Love" - Christine Flynn - 2001

Lately I've been grabbing series romance from the library without knowing anything about the authors or how good the stories inside will be. Sometimes they are just okay, sometimes I don't finish them, but this time I hit the jackpot. Apparently my favorite "wrong brother" plot should just be "wrong sibling." In this case the hero is engaged to marry the older sister, when he realizes he has developed feelings for the younger sister (who has a major crush on him). He ends the engagement before invitations are sent, but the wronged sister's family still hates him. "Forbidden Love" is too dramatic a title for this nice love story, "Second Chances" or something of the like would be more appropriate. Both leads are honorable and good people who tend to put their family's happiness before their own, so of course, you can't wait for them to find happiness together.
Maybe it was just my mood, but this book was tugging some major heartstrings - now if I can just convince the library to trade paperbacks so I can keep it!