New Authors....

"Bet Me" by Jennifer Crusie is hands down, without a doubt, my favorite contemporary romance. Frankly, I can’t even imagine ever reading one as good or perfect as it. When I consider the pressure to write another one, forget it! I block up just thinking about it. I completely understand Jennifer Crusie’s current undertakings, mostly focusing on multiple author stories of action and fantasy (“Agnes and the Hitman” “Dogs and Goddesses” etc.) So now that Crusie has moved on, I found myself trying new authors for my funny contemporary fix, and I’m so glad I did.

First I found Susan Donovan through excellent reviews at “All About Romance.” Both “Take a Chance on Me” and “He Loves Lucy” were highly recommended and are sitting pretty on my keeper shelf right now. 2/2 for Donovan: now I’m looking for her backlist. Plus, this is a woman after my own heart, she talks about Tom Waits, and quotes Bill & Ted – I’m in.

Another author I’m very excited for is Christie Craig. At first I thought it was just clever marketing when I saw Craig next to Cruisie in the bookstore, like how Julia Pottinger goes by Julia Quinn and sees her books right alongside those of bestselling author Amanda Quick (Jayne Ann Krentz). But then, I looked at the copyright - as I have learned to do - and it’s not a ploy, it's her real name. Plus one for Craig. Also, “Gotcha!” was one of the sweetest books I’ve read in a while, so plus two. She also has a few books under her belt I’m excited to read, and more great things to come I hope. Thank goodness for generous friends who aren’t afraid to buy an untried author and then share the goods!

So, as much as I love Jennifer Crusie’s style and humor and will re-read "Bet Me" 'til its binding crumbles, I can rest easy knowing some talented authors are stepping into those French heeled bunny slippers!!