"A Wallflower Christmas" - Lisa Kleypas - 2008

Thank goodness I got this book from the library. I can't imagine that anyone, even the biggest Wallflowers fan thought this tiny little frilly catch up was worth $16.95!!!! Seriously, why they chose this skimpy little novella to come out in hard back when none of the previous books did, I'll never understand. I mean, the cover is classy and fitting for the season, but it does only show three girls instead of 4, now 5, I guess. Whatever, it was cute, more suited for a Christmas anthology than it's own novel, the actual love story between a Bowman brother, Rafe and ladies companion Hannah something or other is fine - if mostly surface and quick to the action, I mean really quick, but I was more interested in the characters I was already familiar with. And for the most part that felt like a lengthy epilogue. One thing I did enjoy was Lillian's insecurities in her marriage - it added a touch of reality, and shows that you can have a HEA, but you still have to work at it.

Christmas is pretty low on my list of favorite holidays, however, I never mind reading Christmas stories at any time of the year, go figure... This story is worth reading if you loved this series, and I imagine that anyone who loved these books read "A Wallflower Christmas" 6 months ago and had similar reactions.