"Thief of Hearts" - Patricia Gaffney - 1990

So far, my Patricia Gaffney reading has been pretty limited. Seems as though I'm due for a glom, though. I found a copy of "Thief of Hearts" at a church rummage sale where the books were 10 for $1. And despite the horrible early nineties clinch cover I went for it, and got more than I bargained for. Maybe it's my mood, but this book tugged some major heartstings, and features one of my favorite storylines - the wrong brother plot. This book contains more twists and turns than the road to Blue Knob, but the emotional depth of the leads sucks you in. There are few things I love more than a H/H united against the world, and this book has it in spades, once they stop hating each other that is. There are some agressive alpha male type incidents which seemingly come out of nowhere, but I was able to look past them, because when he was sweet he was awesome, plus, it's kinda par for the course for the time it was written.

Oh, and a note to my friends when I'm reading a romance in public, especially a "trashy" one: it is never funny to read the back cover summary in a fake mocking voice. Never funny. Just sayin'.