Ten Things I Love About You - Julia Quinn - 2010

I thought maybe I should list 10 things I love about this book, but there is only one: 
the hero Sebastian. 

The list gets a little longer when I list the things I DON'T LOVE about this book...

1) The title
2) The cutesy employment of the title in this book, in the form top ten lists that take you right out of the story.  This is not High Fidelity, it doesn't need to be.
3) The villian. He's super gross.
4) The heroine's self-absorbed distant and manipulative Grandmother, she's gross, too.
5) The way the H/H deal with their respective families.
6) How Sebastian copes with PTSD.
7) How quickly the H/H fall in love.

Things I LIKE, but did not love, about this book:
The heroine, she's smart and good-hearted, but not quite up to scratch for a hero like Sebastian.  She's not an "ugly duckling" she's just country bred, and a little too naive for such an experienced hero.  Obviously thousands of novels have been written about a rake and his reformer, some of which are fantastic, this one just wasn't quite right.  I hate when the hero seems to be convincing himself he's in love, or it happens so suddenly, I just don't buy it.  In fact, Sebastian goes from not wanting to marry Annabel to proposing in a single scene...Annabel calls him out on this, too - but why not just write their story differently?  I really liked Annabel's cousin Louisa, if she doesn't already have her own book, she should.

This is just one of those books that wasn't awful, it was just a little bit off.