"A Rogue in Texas" - Lorraine Heath - 1999

If she hadn't written one of my all-time favorite romances,  I would probably be more generous with my critiques of her work.  But she created Houston and Amelia - and I will forever compare all other H/H's to them, that being said, I very much like both Abbie and Grayson.  

Grayson Rhodes is the bastard son of a Duke sent to America along with several other peers' second sons to make their fortune.  They arrive in Texas, only to have their hopes dashed when they realize they are merely hired hands - hands that will be expected to pick cotton until they blister and bleed.  

Abbie Westland is a widow trying to maintain her farm and family following the conclusion of the Civil War.  Abbie was married at 16 to a man who was not cruel, but who cared more for his land than his family.   She has three children, but very limited experience with love and passion.

She does not know how to handle a 'rogue' like Grayson, and Grayson has never experienced love in any real form.  Their courtship is wonderful, and I loved the first 3/4 of this book.  There is a last minute wrench thrown at these two and I did not like it, or think it necessary - in fact, it lowered my overall opinion of the novel, but would not deter me from reading more about these British lads making a go of it in Texas...