500th Post!

I try to live my life without irony.  As a young adult in the late 90's it was everywhere, but somewhere around senior year of college I decided it was no longer relevant to me.  Some straight-up truths:

I like romantic comedies, I have to force myself to watch art movies if they are dark/twisted (inevitably the are) and if I do watch them, it must be during daylight hours (same with ghost hunting tv shows.)

I try to keep up with contemporary art - and I'm not afraid to have opinions about it - but knowledge, like militant feminism seems to fade after leaving a university setting.  

After 15 years of DIY rock shows, I find them sometimes boring, sometimes work, and often I'd prefer to stay home.  And still I struggle with DIY ethics and maintaining a living through art.  

I will always undersell myself.  Every. Single. Time.  Let's just say it's a good thing the studio has a shop minimum. 

I consider myself intelligent, and fairly well-read - but I will always choose the romance novel, no matter how silly the cover looks to everyone else.  I started this blog after I decided not to hide my genuine love of romance novels, and seek out the best of the genre - and give my opinions about the rest.

I write to the great unknown, but I'm not bothered if no one ever reads this.  It's a life record, one big long note to self - it's also been written exclusively since we've come back to Johnstown, and it reflects my struggles and triumphs with my hometown and the collective support system within/or around it.