Spring is here, but it doesn't feel the same.

Blame it on the change in the weather or gold old germs, but I felt pretty poorly last week.  A runny nose and a tattoo machine do not mix, that's for sure...  On the upside, the weather change has been beautiful (and let's face it, freakish and unnatural) so we did a bit of spring cleaning at the studio.    
I did not have a very productive or creative week until Friday evening, when I did the responsible thing and thought about stamina and energy for long tattoo sessions.  I stayed home to work and rest instead of going to a party, and I channeled middle school by chopping off bits of hair and dying the ends with kool-aid. 

My Thursday consisted of naps and a rock show, and the joy of discovering I could watch Season 8 of Project Runway in its' entirety.  Reality tv competition shows are so good when you watch a marathon of it, and by so good I mean they are an emotional roller coaster.  By part one of the finale, I was crying right along with Michael C and even though I knew the outcome, it still hurt to see Mondo lose.   I said from the beginning that they made an All-Star season just for Mondo, we'll find out on Thursday if he gets the biggest prize package of all, and I'll start looking for the controversial Season 6.