Well, it was nearly 80 degrees today, on the first day of Spring, no less - and I had to quickly mop the studio.  So, what did I do? Wear a tank top and yoga pants.  What shouldn't I have done? Look in the studio's full length mirror, apparently.  Alas (well, actually hooray) I did, because now I'm determined to lose this 15 lbs I've put on over the last few years...

I spent some time looking at pictures from The Daily Camera (a hour or so late, late at night) from when we first moved back to J-town in 2008.  I think my weight always went up and down, and in the fall of 2008 I had decided to exercise everyday, got really good at Turbo Jam Cardio Party, had a ton of motivation and determination, got really flexible and pretty fit - and then one day just quit.  Since then I have had spurts of exercise and a bit of weight loss, but I am currently sitting at my highest weight ever.  

This is not a weight loss blog, and I won't bore anyone with more details than those provided above, but they say it's good to make a public declaration, so here it is:

I WILL FIT IN TO THOSE COMFY PAINTING PANTS FROM COLLEGE AGAIN.  Oh, and my capri jeans that I know for a fact I wore for the traveling javelin band when I painted the walls in the hallway...  If I can fit into those two items, I shouldn't have to worry about anything else.