A subtlety that will never translate to a generic rom-com...

I put off watching it, I expected the worst - in fact, I was pretty sure they would change the ending, they didn't - but that doesn't mean it was good or even close to the book I really enjoyed.  It had a few nice moments, I mean who doesn't love 'Push It' and choreography?  All the surface elements of the novel are there, but that's all it is.  Surface.  And I don't know if they were struggling with the MPAA on this one, but there is very little evidence of an affair (scenes are cut short, there's a hell of a lot of PG kissing in the street) for a book with adult themes such as adultery and the Hamptons.

As far as casting, I liked Kate Hudson (although I think she was pregnant during filming and I found myself focusing more on her changing waistline and flowing dresses than the movie).  I didn't mind Ginnifer Goodwin (better than she was in that barf bag, "He's Just Not That Into You") or the guy that played Dex (who I totally recognized as the Jess look-alike Rory flirts with on Spring Break - ONE EPISODE , PEOPLE -and I called it!) Hilary Swank produced this movie and they didn't even bother including the character of Hilary, Rachel's no-nonsense co-worker, she couldn't have stepped and done it herself? - Well, I guess she couldn't because the screenwriter made a giant Hilary/Ethan living in New York character destructacon.    Which leads me to my second biggest issue with this adaptation...

A plea to movie producers everywhere: Don't cast John Krasinski as the smitten yet silent best friend, unless his character's name is Jim Halpert and he's looking right at Jenna Fischer.  Please, all you accomplish is the gaining of my sympathies for a manipulated and inaccurate character translation.  I'm not supposed to root for Ethan 3/4+ of the way through this movie - I've read the book, I'm supposed to be rooting for Rachel and Dex EVEN THOUGH HE'S ENGAGED TO HER BEST FRIEND!

But that's not even my number one complaint - NO 'THUNDER ROAD' or mention of Springsteen, at all!  Just pop crap like every other upbeat romantic comedy with no soul.  If Bruce said no, or you don't get why the songs are important to the characters, at least give me Jimmy Durante or Harry Nilsson - instead of 8 million songs by Colbie Caillat!

Oh, oh, and is it too hard to find one dive bar in all of New York City?

So, you failed, "Something Borrowed" and now, no one, and I mean no one, will give a shit about "Something Blue" (and here's the kicker, Kate Hudson and John Krasinski had a surprisingly funny, bickering chemistry, but they won't get their own movie now, cause this one Bombed...)