Day Three (as a working artist)...

Day Two (Evening)

1) Gave away a large bag of fabric to someone who will make great use of it!
2) Scanned even more fabric and images for textures and brushes.
3) Kept the cutest cat in the world company while loud drums and trombones invaded his home.

Day Three

1) Tattoo Thursday - still sleeping in a bit longer than I would like...
2) Custom work with a historical background - bonus learning experience.
3) Really great repeat client...
4) 'Groundhog Day' and fried ravioli - delicious!
5) More work with photoshop brushes.

I cannot believe that only this past Monday (4 days ago...) I was still slinging coffee and setting alarms for 5:45!!  Yes, this life is stressful, yes, $ is still a concern, but I feel 100% on track and I am not looking back!  Up next - studio overhaul and tiny paintings!