Step 2

Step 1 was cleaning out the studio closet, and thinking long and hard if those dresses, t-shirts,  or random costume accessories would every be necessary again.  I'd been holding onto some tacky ass items for years, without ever touching them - and I recently realized I didn't like the dress so much as I liked the pattern.  

Can you imagine the polyester monstrosities I not only purchased, but saved in hopes of revitalizing or transforming a la Martha Stewart or the Austen Craft Mafia?  Half of the items in my studio are there because someone could do something awesome with it,  and I always think that person is me (or should be me)... Since I've started tattooing I've reaffirmed that my skill set includes an entire spectrum of artistic mediums, but not sewing or dressmaking, and that's ok! 

So, I cut a sample, chucked the dress and put my scanner bed to good use. 
I know the same rules apply to my fabric stash.  So, that's next on my scan for print hit list, and I'll be giving away the actual fabric to someone who can do something great with it!  A real win win situation!