Me too.

                                                       "True Life" I am a craft hoarder,

This is something I'm working on in 2012.  Being honest about what I will use.  Focusing on real strengths and skills instead of 'ideal' strengths and skills.

I realize I am a bit of a hoarder across the board (the whole house is subject to this overhaul) but no area of my life is as stuffed to capacity as my studio space.  According to the books I've been reading, unloading a bunch of unused clutter will also eliminate a bunch of guilt.  It's strange as part of the reason I kept I keep so much stuff is because I feel guilty - guilty because it was a present, guilty it will end up in a landfill, guilty that I could make something out of it, someday, eventually, maybe.  But really, all this crap is pretty damn stifling - I keep buying, finding, adding to the piles, but nothing gets made. 

First step was to recognize the problem (I've known for a while...)
The second step is purging.  It feels pretty damn good.