"The Other Guy's Bride" - Connie Brockway - 2011

Well, I broke down and actually purchased an e-book.  Here's what it took:  the Kindle version was less expensive, already reviewed well, and published a full month before the paperback.  I was excited to read a 'sequel' of sorts to a favorite re-read from my Keeper Shelf, 1997's "As You Desire" featuring Harry and Desdemona's oldest child. 

"The Other Guy's Bride" was fast and fun, and I did like it, it just doesn't come close to "As You Desire" for me.  A few issues that detracted from the story included some editing problems (maybe will be fixed for the paperback...) especially a time line difference between the two novels.  To be honest "The Other Guy's Bride" felt really modern, which translates to anachronistic for many readers, and I have a pretty high tolerance for such dialogue and actions, so those history buffs will just hate it!  My biggest issue lies with the heroine, who was kind of spoiled and bratty at times - supposedly concerned with living up to her brilliant Egyptologist populated family, then realizes her dreams don't have to match theirs, but the epilogue really only shows the hero's dreams...
It should be noted that the hero was perfectly lovely.

All in all, I'm not unhappy that I purchased this novel, I think it might deserve an undisturbed re-reading,  but instead I am re-reading "As You Desire" and it feels like meeting old friends.