"The Guy Next Door" - Anthology - 2011

The first 'real' paperback I'd read in a while...huge bummer to find out it consists of two fucking prequels and a forgettable novella!  

I began reading out of order, because I really like a few of Susan Donavan's novels.  Her story was fine, could have done without the annoying teenagers - but I could not get past the fact that the heroine was a professor at "Beaverdale Collage" in Beaverdale, PA.  I grew up 10 minutes from Beaverdale, PA which features Bud's Auto Sales, an EZ Shopper, a pool hall my 30 year old friend is still not 'allowed' (by the parents) to go into - and a defunct punk house.   I had several laughs thinking where the college would fit in!  Unfortunately it's just one of those little things an author can't control, and I'll remember the setting long after I've forgotten the story.  
Next, I read "Just One Taste" by Victoria Dahl, who I've never read anything by.  I was enjoying the story (even though it stretched the boundaries of fitting under the heading 'guy next door' a bit)  of two business people who meet at a local convention.  However, the story ends after their one night stand and sets it up to buy not only their story, but his fucking brother's stories as well.  Bull shit.  I never mind a teaser for a series at the end of a novel, the first chapter to wet your whistle and get you pumped, but as a  story in a novella?  Ahhh!  I read anthologies when I don't have time or energy for novels - they are supposed to wrap up neatly and be done. So pissed.

Well after that, I did my research and learned from the AAR review (that I should have read first!) that Lori Foster's story was a teaser for a series as well!  I didn't even bother.

I hope this is not a trend.