"Election" - Tom Perrotta - 1998

After hearing an interview with Tom Perrotta about his latest novel "The Leftovers" stories of people 'left behind' after a rapture-like event and learning our local library did not have a copy yet, I decided to do some proper glomming.  It didn't hurt that the backlist includes two popular novels which were promptly adapted into films, "Election" and "Little Children" - "The Leftovers" is already being reworked by Perrotta into a series for HBO.  I haven't seen "Election" since it came out in '99, and just so happened to coincide with my own senior year of high school.  I remember not quite hating it (but I know someone who did...) and not really liking it either.  Since "Election" Payne went on to write and direct two movies I did hate:  "About Schmidt" and "Sideways" - so I'm not holding my breath, but I do plan to revisit "Election" soon to see just how much or how little my tastes have changed over the years.
Next up, "Little Children" book and movie (I know someone who loves it...)