"The Duke and I" - Julia Quinn - 2000

I did it!  I finished a book!  Hooray - moving on...
- to that fucking dress.  While my copy has the same (reissue) cover, it does not have that ridiculous stepback.  I know Julia Quinn is known for her anachronisms, but I don't think the heroine should look like a hunky man who lost his shirt sidetracked her from her Saturday Night Fever audition.  All I can say about that dress besides it's complete lack of historical accuracy - 1 tug, 1 inch - disaster.  

As for "The Duke and I," I enjoyed it despite a third act 'big misunderstanding.'  The scope felt much smaller than I remembered, but both Daphne and Simon are great leads, so it was nice to revisit their world, so much so, I've moved on to "Romancing Mr. Bridgerton" a re-read that will feel new again because it's been so long.