"Winterbourne" - Susan Carroll - 1987

Look, sometimes you want to read a recommended book but the only copy is large print - that doesn't necessarily make it an "old lady book" or "a book old ladies would like"...but it probably does.  This book is an AAR Desert Island Keeper - it has its moments, but to my tastes, it has a lot going against it.

1) Medieval Setting (just so dirty and gross).
2) Alpha Male Hero (yeah, yeah the betas don't make it very far in battle, I get it)
3) That late 80's feel, that's hard to explain, but usually means the hero is an idiot, who swears he'll never love anyone.  Ever. Again...
4) Long Separations
5) Attacks on the Heroine (that's right, more than one).

I'm almost done reading, and I gotta be honest, I'm skimming to the end.