"Texas Destiny" - Lorraine Heath - 1997

I remember seeing a copy of "Texas Destiny" at a Goodwill a few years ago, and actually being hurt someone could return a book I loved so much.  I should have bought that copy, as my copy has broken binding (but opens directly to favorite passages) and feels dangerously close to falling to pieces.  It's been loved too much, because I keep returning to Houston and Amelia's story.  I probabaly re-read "Texas Destiny" every three months.  It is my number one comfort read, because it combines several of my favorite plots, (the wrong brother, mail-order bride, road romance) with my favorite hero ever, beta or otherwise, and a beautiful and genuine heroine.  Every time I read a new romance I'm looking for a certain feeling  - tugs on my heartstrings so strong I feel the pain in my fingertips - but that feeling is few and far between, you get a twinge every once in a while, if you're lucky, but "Texas Destiny" never ceases to tug, no matter how often I revisit it.