A few thoughts...

With the stress of "My Funny Valentine" behind me and a little time to myself, I thought I'd unwind with some good books.  However, it seems I'm in a bit of a reading slump lately, crashing with the TV on (Thanks, Bret!) and choosing too many random contemporary novels from the library that I just can't get into, plus there's that cute, cute, cat to distract me.  I keeping making to do lists and not crossing anything off!

Then there's the fact that when every show finishes I end up with more random stuff in my house!  I still have records from "Entitled" (Sept 2010) on my stairs, and pieces of a "kidney lamp" from "Dead Man's Cell Phone" (Nov 2010) now I have pirate gear, a sequined angel sweater, a crown and shot glass necklace, and a frozen English cucumber in the back of my car (I really need to take care of that one...)
Theater is only increasing my paranoid hoarding tendencies!!

I even found myself buying a two pack of socks to make the laundry stretch just a little bit further!

Someday (hopefully soon) I'll get my shit together.