"Fallen" - Celeste Bradley - 2001

A random library paperback pick, which started with promise and ended in Colorado.  The heroine, Isadora was way too modern for the time period (though she started out both smart and likable) and the hero spent most of the book finding ways to not fall in love.  

"Fallen" felt a lot like the Judith McNaught novels I cut my teeth on:  the heroine is an attractive hoyden who becomes a smashing success among the ton - because she's different, plus an alpha hero Julian (who started out playful and charming, but drew ridiculous conclusions and acted like an idiot...), and more misunderstandings than you can shake a stick at.  The main problem with "Fallen" was the timing of the relationship.  The H/H liked each other right away - so Bradley continued to invent more and more ways to keep them apart, each time becoming less believable.  

Oh! Oh! Julian's pet name for her was, get ready for it:


Every time I read it I threw up in my mouth a little bit.