"The Playboy's Plain Jane" - Cara Colter - Feb 2008 #4005

First I should say I was hungover when I read this book.  You could make a very strong case that I would have enjoyed it more if I didn't have a fair amount of Sweet Tea Vodka sitting in my stomach.  Maybe you're right, or maybe this was a cheesy story regardless of alcohol content.

"The Playboy's Plain Jane" has that slightly out-of-touch, slightly lame aura about it, which deterred me more than anything.  The outfit descriptions, the meaning of flowers (20+ secret bouquet messages) and worst of all insane excitement over a local reading of a cat cartoonist?  I can handle quaint small towns, and inexperienced heroines and I don't really have anything against Victorian flower meanings.   But a  cat cartoonist whose name was Tac Revol (Cat Lover backwards)!  I draw the line at that level of cheese.  

I couldn't remember which book I was looking for - that's how I ended up with this one and a few others by Cara Colter.  The book I would like to find is:
1999's "A Bride Worth Waiting For" Silhouette #1388