"Chasing Dreams" - Cara Colter - 2006 Silhouette #1818

My local library does not catalog paperbacks.  I know I’ve bitched before, and I’m assuming they have their reasons.  Maybe it’s too much hassle with such a high turnover or perhaps they just don’t hold up to heavy usage?  Valid?  Sure – but annoying as hell when you are a) looking for a specific author or b) looking for the next book in a series. I’m 2 for 2 for Ms. Colter here.  I am currently looking for one of her titles, and just happened to catch a copy of “Chasing Dreams” before its return to the paperback abyss. 

I haven’t read any series romance in a while and forgot how freaking short they are. Not that I’m complaining, sometimes I look for that.  It’s the reason I’ll read a Christmas anthology in July, my attention span cannot be trusted. Mostly I can’t be trusted not to fall asleep regardless of how good the story or the time of day.  I finished “Chasing Dreams” in two sittings and without a nap!  It’s a perfectly nice rich girl/poor boy tale of sorts, except neither the H/H fit the stereotypes a romance reader would expect.

While it was an acceptable series romance and an entertaining read, I did have a few issues.  Due to the unfortunate library situation, I checked out Book Two in a trilogy, and some characters from the first story were not fully introduced or explained to new readers.  To make matters worse  “Chasing Dreams” ends with the first chapter of Book Three, the youngest sister’s story, masquerading as an epilogue.  Publishers do this to suck you in, and it usually works with me.  Colter wrote a nice story, but wouldn’t go online looking for the final installment of this series.  I would probably check it out of the library – but I have no way of knowing if it’s there.