Resolutions 2010/Looking at 2011

Well, let's see how I did.

My monthly classics reading lasted until May - which is better than the previous attempt which ended in February.  Fell off the wagon with "Jude the Obscure" - and never did finish "A Tree Grows in Brooklyn."

Seems I lost my checklist back in May as well - I'm not really sure what happened.  No significant thing, maybe I didn't need it anymore - or maybe I just became too lazy.

The Good:
Shot a lot of film, some that will become paintings.
New series in the works.
Wormed my way into the theater.
Used my sewing machine (a few times...)
Maintained an organized studio - mostly.
Every month in 2010 except January -  I posted more times on this
blog than the same month in 2009.
The checklist was a way to get me into the studio, 
and now I am comfortable there, 
so I just have to do it.

For 2011:

I get overwhelmed easily, and I shut down/avoid things instead of working through issues, so the resolutions this year will be simpler and specific to the month.  Let's try for 10.  


I have some time off while the shop is closed, so there's no excuse not to:

1) Paint the kitchen a lovely shade of tangerine.
2) Paint coffee table, hide the footprints.
3) Grids.  Time to start getting serious.
4) Research (Styling/Titus/Bookbinding/Internet). Ditto
5) Sketch Comedy Marketing/Props - hearts all over town.  
6) Read a novel I should have read (classic or not). 
7) Finish/give away one item from the misc craft box.  
8) Do something with one item in closet. 
9) Use a new fabric.
10) Watch a 'classic' film.  

That should be good, right??