Books to Look for - A Reminder to me

Because I'll just lose the scrap of paper I wrote them on.

"Knight of a Trillion Stars" and "Mine to Take" - Dara Joy (Paranormals 1997-8, A and A+ on AAR)
"The Famous Heroine" - Mary Balogh (one I've never heard of)
"The Vicar's Daughter" - Deborah Simmons (highly recommended and a plot I love)
"Jackson Rule" Dinah McCall (DIK - 1996)
"Bewitching" - Jill Barnett (1993 - paranormal)
"By Arrangement" - Madeline Hunter
"Daughter of the Game" - Tracy Grant (2003 at library)
"Scoundrel" - Elizabeth Elliot
"Broken Wing" - Judith James
"The Duke" - Gaelen Foley
"A Bride Worth Waiting For" - Cara Colter
The Seduction - Julia Ross