"The Bad Man's Bride" - Susan Kay Law - 2001

I have a list written a few years ago of recommended or DIK books to hunt down.  Unfortunately the list  ended up in a folder and never made it to the used book store - until last week.  I love the tiny one in our area, where I learned you do not tax bibles and has credit slips for books you bring in or bring return.  The romance section takes up half a room and they keep them organized by historical, contemporary, and series, plus it's all alphabetical. 
Last trip I found two I was looking for, "Anne's Perfect Husband" by Gayle Wilson and "The Bad Man's Bride" by Susan Kay Law.  I blame "The Man Who Loved Pride & Prejudice" for spoiling me a bit, plus my expectations from the recommendation list were pretty high.  I began Law's novel too soon and through no real fault of its own, it was a bit of a let down.  I wanted to be blown away, and wasn't.  It was a perfectly nice Americana/Western story of an inexperienced school teacher falling for a gruff father of one of her students.  Law throws a few curve balls (a nice surprise) making "The Bad Man's Bride" a perfectly enjoyable ride, just not one I'm likely to take again.