All About Romance's Top 100

Every few years the good people at my go-to site for romance ask their readers to submit their Top 100 romances and then compile a definitive list.  The last list was in 2007 and the Top 10 of the Top 100 was:
1) "Lord of Scoundrels" - Loretta Chase - 1995
This is a book people love so much, but I barely remember it, and honestly wasn't at all impressed at the time.  It's number one ranking has made me wonder if it was the setting where I read it, (Rock House) or if I just don't care for the novels of Loretta Chase.  I doubt it will hold the number one spot again.  
2) "Dreaming of You" - Lisa Kleypas - 1994 
I also love this book,  my favorite of all the Lisa Kleypas keepers on my shelf, and I have quite a few!
3) "Pride and Prejudice" - Jane Austen - 1813
I predict P&P will top the 100 this time around.  Everyone loves Darcy and Lizzie, and I think confusion came from whether it was acceptable to vote for a classic novel, placing it at Number 3.  
4) "Outlander" - Diana Gabaldon - 1991
This is a crazy cult favorite, number one a few lists back.  I read it once and liked it, but never read any sequels or developed a devotion to it.  It is the only romance a librarian has hugged while checking it out for me though!
5) "Flowers From the Storm" - Laura Kinsale - 1992
Another one I've read only once, but really liked.  It's biggest downfall is Fabio offering a flower to the reader on the cover, but thankfully it's been reissued...
6) "Slightly Dangerous" - Mary Balogh - 2004
My favorite (and everyone else's) of the "Slightly" series.
A twist on P&P and the best cold hero in ages.
7) "Devil in Winter" - Lisa Kleypas - 2006
A keeper for sure, but I believe it's high ranking came from being a recent release and fresh in everyone's minds.  I'm curious to see where it will fall, but my money's still in the Top 20.
8)"Bet Me" - Jennifer Crusie - 2004
My favorite contemporary romance of all time.
9) "Welcome to Temptation" - Jennifer Crusie - 2000
Another good one, but not quite a comfort read.  I've only read it twice.
10) "The Viscount Who Loved Me" - Julia Quinn - 2000
My favorite Quinn, first read when I was new to romance and she was my favorite author. However,  she's been putting out some real crap for about 5+ years, so, we'll see how she's fallen in the ranks!

The Top 100 was a great way to discover keepers and older releases I might not have discovered on my own.  For a while I was attempting to read all books on the lists - the reason why I read one (and only one) Nora Roberts and "Dream Man" by Linda Howard.  "Dream Man" made me realize I left a love of romantic suspense (a la "Mary Higgins Clark) behind me in the 7th grade, along with khaki pants and my natural hair color.  I don't have time to read authors I know I don't care for - I'll try one, and that's it.  Once again I ran out of time before submitting my personal Top 100 - it's an overwhelming task for me, plus some books I had from 2007 I don't even remember!  I'm excited to see the 2010 results, and hope to get my list counted next time around.