"Too Good To Be True" - Kristin Higgins - 2009

I wish Kristin Higgins would just suck it up and write the male perspective.  

She's talented and funny, and when she's on, her books are tugging my heartstrings left and right.  

However, she only writes first-person POV and 300 pages or so are just about 150 too many to be trapped within those neurotic ladies brains!  Take Grace in "Too Good To Be True" for example:  she's a history nerd, a "Pleaser" middle child who just got dumped by her fiance - and gave her blessing for him to date her little sister - so she makes up a fake doctor boyfriend to compensate and avoid pitying looks.  No, she's not 15 - she's 30 something.  She also accidentally beats the shit out of the hero and focuses on his past over and over again - I find it hard to understand what appealed to him about her. Which brings me to another issue with the first person POV...
Sometimes Higgins' novels seem light on actual romance.  You don't see a lot of the hero, or he doesn't become a potential hero until the last 50 pages, etc  - but I'm convinced she could kill it if we finally got to hear what the hero is thinking.  Maybe then these "tragic spinsters" would be a little more likable and a lot less annoying.