"Ain't Too Proud to Beg" - Susan Donovan - 2009

Yay, yet another use of popular song title, in a book that has absoulutely nothing to do with the phrase! And not only does the title not fit, it's also a very ill-fitting cover.  These days it seems every other contemporary published has a sweet looking dog on it, but this book, the first in a series about single, (lonely/divorced/bitter/insecure) dog owners, shows no dogs and in fact, looks like it could be the latest Susan Elizabeth Phillips novel to hit the stands. 

Like Christie Craig, Susan Donovan is a newer author I enjoy - and like Christie Craig's last effort, this one just didn't do it for me.   It wasn't the hero (or his neck tattoo!!) or even the forgettable heroine - it was the heroine's man-hating dog walking group who ruin the story for me.  Unfortunately this is a series and they are the ladies-in-waiting so to speak.

They are man-hating (but only til their book comes around) and nosy, and they make pacts which make them seem more like 12 year olds than women with good jobs and children.  One has a website called, "ivomitonallmen.com" so she's a lot of fun to be around, and I couldn't stand  '40 going on 5' Ginger's constant petty and shallow whining about how her looks have gone south and she's menopausal though no doctor believes it.  Seriously, shut up already.

Too bad "The Night She Got Lucky" (Ginger is the 'she') is the next book.  Too bad I read a "D" grade review of it that seems dead on.  Too bad a friend lent me this book so I have to read it.  Too bad it seems Donovan has lost the charm of "Take a Chance on Me" and "He Love's Lucy."  Hope she gets it back when these girls are done...