"I Could Have Watched All Night"

Yes, I broke down and watched (primarily because it made $1 shelf at the Family Video) and I admit:  I enjoyed it.  I know a lot of people who go bat shit crazy for this show, but I was a bit of a hater.  I  stayed away because I only seen a few moments playing in that same Family Video.  While I was browsing the 2/$1 section it seemed as though every other word was sung;  I thought it had to be the most annoying show ever.  Now that I've watched all the episodes on DVD,  I've found they are usually singing for a reason in a real setting - unlike musicals which burst into song at random.  Still, the show can be too much and I did find myself skipping through a few horrific pop songs I don't know or care to hear.  But, despite some uncomfortable moments, I found myself charmed.  Jane Lynch is always hilarious.  Always.  Most of all, I am an absolute sucker for unrequited or unavailable love in print or film.

Glee features an ensemble cast with more than a few couples to fall for, but Obsessive-Compulsive and adorable guidance counselor Emma Pillsbury's love for Spanish teacher and Glee Club director, Will Shuester makes the show for me.  The tension between these two leading to the "finale" or 13th episode of Season 1 kept me glued to the couch - even though that same couch was located in a room in need of some serious attention of the cleaning variety.  Emma would not approve of my slovenly ways, but I couldn't help finishing the whole season.  And it totally paid off -  I haven't felt as emotional about a singe television scene (with the exception of the vending machine reunion scene on the Lost Finale...) since the Season 2 Finale of the American office.

However, the longing which makes the storyline so powerful is also invariably a double-edged sword for television.  You can't maintain it forever and if you give in, you can kill it.  (Which is why the office just switched gears to an Andy/Receptionist storyline and gave Jim and Pam a sometimes boring but functional adult relationship, and hooray for that.)

Apparently there are nine more episodes of Glee beyond those I just watched in a marathon of slothful giddiness, and apparently there are many bumps in the road for these two - but this scene alone (and honestly this love story) is what made Glee for me.  And if the romance gets weird or goes downhill from this point I can handle it - this was a great moment.  And not if, but when the song and dance gets to be too much, there's always fast forward.