St. Stephen's Auction 4-10-2010

I'm very happy with the little $3 automatic 35 mm I got at the goodwill, however - I can't wait to get a digital camera!!! I got these two rolls developed locally, by less than knowledgeable people at the drug store, whose photo lab is barely functional but very close to my house.  An issue I have had on more than one occasion - my images are on the disk upside down, and I only get discs, no prints - so I write a note, "please make sure the images are right side up"!!!  Ahh!  It's very frustrating for it to happen yet AGAIN.  Two rolls from the St. Stephen's rectory and convent auction last Saturday, and of course, one was upside down!  My real concern is the computer won't save them the correct way except within iphoto, I don't get it.  So annoying.