Project Runway Season 7

It's like reconnecting with an old friend.  I am completely and utterly serious.  On top of that, watching a new season without shelling out money for cable makes me even happier, thank you hulu and!  As for the actual season - absolutely nothing shocking so far - no hookups, no cheaters, no real fights.  I haven't bothered to learn some contestants names, but I still get excited to watch (ok, sometimes skim) a new episode.  The bad news - no one this season is funny, at all (well, Anthony usually mildly amusing, but he is the editors' go-to for commentary, and he's no Jay or Santino).  The good news  - some designers are very strong - they have a POV and strong construction skills.  My money's on Emilio for the Final 3 - but I still don't have a favorite.  Amy is pretty cool, young and talented, and holding her own and winning a challenge.   The producers/editors of Project Runway really want the viewer to think Mila is a "villian" no one else likes.  She (Mila) wants the viewer to think they don't like her because they are jealous of her mad skills... seems to me like some tv execs are wishing and praying for the return of  Season One Wendy-esque manipulations.  But in reality they can't have much drama to work with (which is half the fun).  It's all pretty beige and boring at this point, just like Mila's dress for Heidi.  Hey-o!